shark attack on yellowfin tuna

Sharks Eating Yellowfin Tuna

Can he catch a whole tuna or will the sharks eating yellowfin tuna get them all?

The sharks are hungry, but the tuna are plentiful. This is an interesting episode of the Spanish Fly highlighting live bait fishing off of Crooked Island, Bahamas.

Sometimes you win and sometimes the sharks win, it’s just part of fishing where the big ones live. When fishing in shark heavy waters getting the bite is one thing, getting fish to the boat is a whole different equation, well at least for a whole unblemished tuna. These anglers put in their dues and finally get one on the deck that the sharks eating yellowfin tuna did not attack.

If your fishing location has more spots with fish it may be wise to change your location if your hooking sharks with your live bait or having all your catch’s attacked by sharks, sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go the sharks will be there too, but that is not always the case.