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Rigging Live Bait Fishing Weight Setups

Live bait fishing weights can make the difference between getting your bait to where the fish are biting or it otherwise might be drifting near the surface or worse being eaten by a blue shark. Live bait fishing is an excellent way to load the boat with fish when you get on a hot school of biters. Using a combination of dead bait and live bait to chum the fish to stay around your boat, there will be times that iron out produces everything and then other days when you have to get the livies swimming and doing there thing to make the fish commit. Using a little weight can be a huge help to get the live anchovy down to the fish zone. The rubber insert sinkers are the preferred way to go for most anglers that are using anchovies. Paired with a small circle hook and 30lbs fluorocarbon live bait fishing with rod and reel for albacore is a finesse game that is just flat out fun.

Using a bait runner spinning reel you can quickly peel off line and let the bait and weight drop below the cruising blue sharks and into the albacore tuna zone 20 – 60 feet below the boat on most days. When the fish takes the chovy, dont engage the drag immediately, you have to let them take the bait all the way, if you are too quick you will likely pull the hook out before it gets a chance to sink into the corner of the mouth. Simply allow the fish to take line for a few good seconds and then engage the reel and let the fish load up on the rod and bury the hook. When using a circle hook with a live bait the hook will generally find its way right into the corner, a very solid place to hook the fish in the mouth.

Try different sizes depending on the drift and swell conditions you may want a heavier or lighter live bait fishing weight A heavier weight is certainly needed most on days when the conditions are rough, but still decent enough to try and give fishing livies on the drift a shot. If it is really blowing it can be very difficult to fish with this type of technique, but on a slick calm day, nothing is better then feeding the tuna live bait from the well out into the ocean to watch them dash for freedom only to be chased down by a hungry tuna. The weight can be positioned on the leader using the rubber grip inserts that pop out and in easily. This allows you to also adjust the amount of space between the hook and the bait. Generally 3 feet is a good place to start, the leader should be significantly long on your live bait set ups since you can fish with braid on the spinning reel and the lightweight fluorocarbon leader material makes for a know that will easily pass through the reel and guides.

Buy a scoop the next time your at the dock if your marina has live bait in stock and get ready to have fun!!!!!!