butterfly jig wrap

Jig Wraps & Why You Need Them

Jig Wraps

Protect Your Rods

Fishing with Shimano butterfly flat side jigs is the hot way to put lots of albacore tuna into a sport fishing boat in the Pacific Northwest right now. Anglers are loading the boat up with IQF anchovies, high end rods and reels designed specifically for the job at hand, and can grind in many fish in rapid succession.

One of the unique things about the butterfly jig is the hook system that is most common. Anglers attach a pair of assist hooks with split ring onto the top of the jig and tie their leader to the split ring with the hooks instead of to the steel loop on the jig itself. This provides several benefits for hooking up with the fish when they take the lure as well as keeping the fish pinned during the fight, however it can make it a slight challenge to travel at speed with the lures rigged and ready to go without damaging the rod or guides due to the 5 ounce iron bouncing around.

The Jig Wrap Solves This Problem

Slide the iron portion of the bait through the hole and wrap the strap around the rod with the hole through the first / largest eye on the rod. The velcro will keep it tight and snug and now when you are running out to the tuna grounds or returning to port you don’t need to worry about beating up your gear or worse. When crashing through waves in a rough sea a jig that is not stowed properly is likely to pop off and swing around with two large hooks, a recipe for someone getting hurt.

Wrap Your Jigs