Zuker feather jigs

Zuker Feather Jigs – Quick How To

Zuker Feather Jigs

Trolling for Albacore Tuna

The Zuker feather jigs are an excellent albacore tuna fishing lure for any trolling spread.  The Zukers are made with a tough resin head that is lightweight and helps keep the lure fishing perfect during mild weather fishing trips.  Many anglers will add a trolling weight like a torpedo sinker between the mainline and the leader that connects to the lure when the wind and waves are picking up.  The lighter Zuker feather jigs will spend too much time skipping and jumping out of the water in heavier winds instead of slipping through the surface and maintaining contact with the water versus jumping out. When using a typical 6 foot leader with a weight anywhere from 1 – 3 ounces generally will be enough to make the lure get down enough and fish properly.

The Zuker can also be fished effectively behind the boat using blue cords with and without a diver board.  Use a traditional tuna double hook and heavy saltwater fishing leader around 220lbs test, so you can pull in the fish at speed and yank them over the side of the boat like the commercials to prevent having to put a gaff hole through a loin.

Give the fish a different look by creating a daisy chain with several smaller clones up the leader with the Zuker feather jigs trailing behind.

Does color really matter when you are around hot biting fish?  Maybe, Maybe not, we like to troll darker colors like purple and black when the conditions ar4e overcast, foggy, early morning light conditions, as the darker lure provides a little more contrast during those light conditions. The combination of green, white, red colored skirt and feathers is dynamite during daylight high sun conditions.

Purple and Black Zuker – A Proven Tuna Killer

Green, Red, White Feather Jig

The San Diego knot is an excellent way to attach your hook to the leader.  Here is a step by step instruction on how to get your tuna feather jigs rigged up and ready to go fish, produced by BD Outdoors.

There are countless lures to choose from when developing your tuna trolling spread. Next time try something different from your typical clones and cedar plugs to try a couple of these behind the boat. Keep the lure sliding on the surface and get ready for a double, triple, or quad and loading up the boat fast.