albacore tuna on the cuttingboard

How to Fillet Albacore Tuna

Properly cleaning an albacore tuna is a straightforward process and this video covers how to fillet Albacore tuna perfectly for making a high quality loin for use as sashimi, tuna steaks, or for canned tuna at home. The fish has two upper and two lower loins, as well as a piece of belly meat. Following some simple procedures for which cuts to make you can get a lot of really good meat off each single fish. It may take a couple fish to get the hang of ripping the skin off if you have never done it, a cooled fish is always easier than a still warm fish caught that day. I always prefer to keep my fish on ice over night and clean them the following day after fishing, the meat gets a little firmer and everything seems to be a little easier.

Make sure to have a good fillet knife and a good stable work station. I always fillet albacore tuna outside, it can be a slightly messy affair especially if you do not have a fish cleaning station.

Tutorial Video How to Fillet Albacore Tuna

Toss the carcass in your compost, but don’t throw away the heads, they can make an amazing fish head soup if you are brave. If your not a saltwater fisherman, but you like to DIY, buy whole fish at a local port and plan to can tuna at home this year for the best canned fish around.