how to make custom saltwater lures

Custom Saltwater Lures

Do You Make Your Own Custom Saltwater Lures?

If you are a die hard fishing addict then you need to take some time to learn about making custom saltwater lures that will trick the fish you chase after into biting. There is not much more exhilarating than catching fish on a lure you made. Whether you are making simple soft plastic lures such as paddle tail swimbaits or creating resin head trolling lures with vinyl skirts or any other contraption home made fishing lures and gear can perform as well or often even better than anything in the store.

Use the best components possible when building your own lures so that you don’t lose a fish due to a simple equipment failure. There are so many different paths to take when thinking about what kind of custom lures you would like to make. If your not ready to jump into making custom saltwater lures just yet, consider making your own riggings for lures and also creating your own teasers, spreaders, and daisy chains used to attract the fish to your boat on the troll. Pick up several packs of soft plastic squids and rig up several different custom saltwater lures in a row with stoppers to create cost effective teasers that can be swapped out during the day to match the colors of lures you are running depending on the conditions.

If you’re ready to go all in and learn the art of creating a custom resin headed saltwater lure than check out the following 4 part series about making these kinds of lures.

Custom Saltwater Lures Series

Trolling Lures

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Have fun with whatever you end up creating for your next fishing adventure. If your interested in learning more about the lure making craft or want to get inspired by what others are creating head over to Tackle Underground and check out what is going on the forums. Lots of great conversations about techniques and ways to make all kinds of lures.