albacore tuna fishing with jack poles

Commercial Jack Poling Albacore Tuna

Commercial Jack Poling Tuna

This is an excellent video that demonstrates that effectiveness of jack pole fishing for Albacore tuna. The fisherman use a long flexible pole with a fixed amount of line attached to a hooked lure and use the fish’s momentum to fling them onto the deck of the boat. Due to the schooling nature of albacore tuna it is possible to keep the fish actively chasing the bot and commiting to the lures as demonstrated in the video. The crew will use a combination of dead bait and live bait to keep the school of fish interested and feeding. The splashing around with the pole at the surface is to help create the appearance of breaking bait fish.

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It’s amazing what a stick, piece of string, a hook and a feather can do when in the hands of a strong dude.