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  • butterfly jig wrap

    Jig Wraps & Why You Need Them

    Jig Wraps Protect Your Rods Fishing with Shimano butterfly flat side jigs is the hot way to put lots of albacore tuna into a sport fishing boat in the Pacific Northwest right now. Anglers are loading the boat up with IQF anchovies, high end rods and reels designed specifically for the job at hand, and […]

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  • albacore tuna fishing with jack poles

    Commercial Jack Poling Albacore Tuna

    Commercial Jack Poling Tuna This is an excellent video that demonstrates that effectiveness of jack pole fishing for Albacore tuna. The fisherman use a long flexible pole with a fixed amount of line attached to a hooked lure and use the fish’s momentum to fling them onto the deck of the boat. Due to the […]

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  • Zuker feather jigs

    Zuker Feather Jigs – Quick How To

    Zuker Feather Jigs Trolling for Albacore Tuna The Zuker feather jigs are an excellent albacore tuna fishing lure for any trolling spread.  The Zukers are made with a tough resin head that is lightweight and helps keep the lure fishing perfect during mild weather fishing trips.  Many anglers will add a trolling weight like a […]

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  • spinning reel shimano saragosa

    Shimano Saragosa 5000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

    The Shimano Saragosa 5000 saltwater spinning reel is an exceptional blue water fishing reel.  Designed for the fish you are likely to encounter offshore such as albacore tuna, yellowtail, or even bottom fishing. Typical of Shimano, the Saragosa series is no different than other reel series and is made out of quality premium parts.  If […]

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  • Goliath Grouper Eats 4 Foot Shark

    The goliath grouper which can grow just over 8 feet in length and weigh up to 800 lbs, has an absolutely massive mouth. This fish easily puts a 4 foot shark in its mouth in one bite, like a large mouth bass eating a top water spook, this shark being played out by an angler […]

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  • the albright knot

    Best Fishing Knots for Saltwater Anglers – videos

    Learn how to tie the best saltwater fishing knots from the following videos. Each technique has a specific purpose, whether you are connecting two lines together, attaching a line to a swivel, tying directly to a hook or lure, or even rigging up a steel wire leader for toothy fishes, there is a specific one […]

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  • bottom fishing catch

    Fishing for Bottom Fish

    Bottom Fishing is Fun Going bottom fishing can be a ton of fun. When fishing on the West coast it is not always an option to go pursue pelagic species due to the season or local conditions and bottom fishing offers an excellent time on the water. They bite a lot of different lures, put […]

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  • dolphin trolling lures

    Setting a Spread for Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

    A great in depth look at some proven tactics for setting up a proper trolling spread to chase for dolphin around weed and trash lines. These fish like to hold around any kind of structure whether it is a large floating kelp patty a single log, or line of trash and debris that has been […]

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