albacore tuna on the cuttingboard

How to Fillet Albacore Tuna

Properly cleaning an albacore tuna is a straightforward process and this video covers how to fillet Albacore tuna perfectly for making a high quality loin for use as sashimi, tuna steaks, or for canned tuna […]

shark attack on yellowfin tuna

Sharks Eating Yellowfin Tuna

Can he catch a whole tuna or will the sharks eating yellowfin tuna get them all? The sharks are hungry, but the tuna are plentiful. This is an interesting episode of the Spanish Fly highlighting […]

yellowfin on the troll

Yellowfin Tuna on the Troll

Fishing out of Grenada Captain Ricky Wheeler is on the Yellowfin tuna bite. Looks like a good time putting large yellowfin tuna on the troll into the boat. Large bird frenzy diving on bait that […]