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  • boat full of tuna fish

    Put More Tuna in the Box

    Every tuna fisherman wants to plug the boat. It is an awesome feeling coming home with a loaded boat, stuffed with big fish, whether that is 15, 45, or a 125 fish in the boat, when you get your boat max, it’s a good day. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing with hand lines […]

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  • rapala purple mackerel saltwater plug

    Giant Diving Plugs – Rapala X-Rap Magnums

    The Rapala X-Rap Magnum fishing lure is designed to be trolled in saltwater and take the beating that the biggest game fish in the ocean are able to give out.  The X-Rap serves as a great tool to the saltwater angler that has the troll rods deployed and out on the hunt for fish.  While […]

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  • albacore sushi rolls

    Processing an Albacore Tuna

    There are several ways to skin and loin out an albacore tuna, but they all rely on having a sharp knife and a very clean working surface. Make sure when you are processing your fish you keep from getting a lot of water on the meat. Use the water on your working surface to keep […]

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  • yellowfin tuna gift

    Holiday Gifts for Tuna Fisherman

    Tuna fisherman are easy to shop for. Get a gift certificate for $50 – $1000 dollars at the closest tackle shop or favorite online retailer, it is simple to give the gift of fishing and and let them pick out the perfect Fishing Gear at Really it is that simple, they will love you […]

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  • collection of cedar plugs

    The Cedar Plug Consistently Catches Fish

    The Cedar plug is never going to win the pretty contest, but who cares, it catches fish. It catches fish day in and day out. While there may be something that will catch more fish on any given day, overall the cedar plug has earned its place in the spread due to consistently putting Albacore […]

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  • tuna irons

    How to Fish a Butterfly Jig

    The butterfly jig system is deadly for tuna fishing.  All species of tuna will fall to the vertical jig and the albacore are no different.  When everything is working together from the jig, to the rod and reel, the action imparted by the angler and the speed of the retrieve, the jig will swim and […]

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  • rods set for tuna

    Fishing for Albacore Tuna

    Fishing for albacore tuna is a blast, the fish are strong, hard fighting fish, come within a reasonable distance for sports fisherman to actively pursue them, and they are one of the best tasting fish swimming around.  Stacking the boat with a load of fish is something that anglers up and down the pacific coast […]

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